The Ultimate Guide to Boost Self-Worth eBook & Workbook Bundle


Struggling to feel confident and self-assured? Need a serious boost of self-esteem? Maybe your dignity and self-worth as well?

I get it. I've been there. And it's exactly why I created the Ultimate Guide to Boost Self-Worth eBook & Workbook.

I was tired of being continually frustrated with trying to find true happiness and fulfillment in life, then feeling like I hit a wall every time. But, I eventually figured things out and I want to make that process easier for you.

The eBook and Workbook were designed to work together to both educate you and provide you with tools to find the power within yourself to increase your feelings of self-worth

Because that's where the true power for positive change lies--inside you.

How, you ask?

The eBook and Workbook will provide you with tools to:

  • identify the triggers holding you back, keeping you from feeling the way you deserve to feel about yourself,
  • become more aware of your unique, positive qualities and the assets you have to offer the world
  • learn to accept your negative qualities and imperfections.
  • highlight recurring negative self-talk and transform them to more positive, encouraging thoughts,
  • take steps to live an authentic life, according to your true values and beliefs,
  • learn to focus on the world around you with mindfulness,
  • evaluate the relationships in your life influencing your self-worth, dignity, and happiness,
  • backfill your life with positivity,
  • value engaging in new skills and hobbies,
  • practice active kindness, and more.


Below are just a few pages from the final products. 

eBook . . .


Workbook . . .

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Self-Worth EBOOK

1 Lessons

Download your workbook inside the module.


1 Lessons

Download your workbook inside the module.